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Héctor Corrada Bravo

Senior Scientist
Research and Early Development

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Interactive, exploratory visual analysis of genomic data
  • Kancherla, J., Yang, Y., Chae, H., Corrada Bravo, H. (2019). “Epiviz File Server: Query, Transform and Interactively Explore Data from Indexed Genomic Files”. bioRxiv

  • Cui, Z., Kancherla, J., Elmqvist, N., Corrada Bravo, H. (2019). “Proactive Visual and Statistical Analysis of Genomic Data in Epiviz”. Bioinformatics btz883 Bioinformatics

  • Cui, Z., Kancherla, J., Corrada Bravo, H., Elmqvist, N. (2019). “Sherpa: Leveraging User Attention for Computational Steering in Visual Analytics”. IEEE Visualization in Data Science IEEE Xplore

  • Kancherla, J., Zhang, A., Gottfried, B., Corrada Bravo, H. (2018). “Epiviz web components: reusable and extensible component library to visualize genomic datasets”. F1000 Research 7:1096. F1000 Research

  • Chelaru, F., Smith, L., Goldstein, N., Corrada Bravo, H. (2014). “Epiviz: interactive visual analytics for functional genomics data”. Nature Methods 11, 938-940. Nature Methods

  • Chelaru, F., Corrada Bravo H. (2015). “Epiviz: a view inside the design of an integrated visual analysis software for genomics”. BMC Bioinformatics 16(Suppl 11):S4. Presented at Biovis’15. BMC Bioinformatics

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