Héctor Corrada Bravo bio photo

Héctor Corrada Bravo

Associate Professor
Center for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
Computer Science
Univ. of Maryland

Mailing Address:

8314 Paint Branch Dr. #3114F
College Park, MD 20742

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Current Members

  • Justin Wagner
    Ph.D., Computer Science

  • Mahfuza Sharmin
    Ph.D., Computer Science, co-advised with Sridhar Hannenhalli

  • Faezeh Dorri
    Ph.D., Computer Science

  • Mohamed Gunady
    Ph.D., Computer Science

  • Nick Thieme
    Ph.D., Computer Science

  • Senthil Mutiah
    Ph.D., Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics, co-advised with Mihai Pop

  • Nathanael D. Olson
    Ph.D., Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics

  • Jayaram Kancherla
    Faculty Research Assistant

  • Brian Gottfried
    Undergraduate Student, Computer Science

Past Members

  • Wikum Dinalankara
    Ph.D., Computer Science.
    First position: Postdoc, Johns Hopkins University

  • Florin Chelaru
    Ph.D., Computer Science
    First position: Postdoc, MIT/Broad

  • Kwame Okrah
    Ph.D., Applied Statistics
    First position: Biostatistician, Genentech Inc.

  • Joyce Hsiao
    Ph. D., Applied Statistics
    First position: Postdoc, University of Chicago

  • Joseph Paulson
    Ph.D., Scientific Computing, co-advised with Mihai Pop
    First position: Postdoc, Harvard, Dana Farber Cancer Research Center

  • Hisham Talukder
    Ph.D., Applied Statistics.
    First position: Data Scientist at Dow Jones

  • Daniel Hwang B.S., Computer Science

  • Morgan Walter B.E., Bioengineering

  • Mihai Sirbu
    B.S., Computer Science

  • Daniel Konecki
    B.S., Computer Science and Biology.
    First position: Ph.D. student at Baylor College of Medicine