Data Science Corner

Lecturely droplets of Data Science interesting stuff…

5/14 Keras in R
5/9 Shiny: interactive data apps with R
5/9 D3.js: interactive data visualization for JavaScript
5/7 The ML algorithms used in self driving cars
5/2 Rstudio Updated!! (Don't update until class is done...)
4/25 Ursa labs, shared infrastructure for data science
4/23 Another podcast (via Marine C.)
4/18 Restoration of brain circulation and cellular function hours post-mortem
4/16 The 2nd generation p-value
4/11 The amazing life and contributions of John W. Tukey
4/9 Visual explanation of stats and probability
4/4 FDA new rules for AI systems in medicine
3/28 a16z: Another podcast I like (for those with an entrepenurial bent)
3/26 From the StitchFix Data Science Blog
3/14 Donoho's Deep Learning Emergent Phenomena: ImageNet
3/5 Kaggle Data Science Survey
3/5 One take on Data Science Survey
2/26 The book: playing the percentages in baseball
2/21 Uber Engineering Blogpost on their Data Science Workbench
2/19 The Julia programming language
2/12 Example wrangling with R and Python
2/7 RStudio conference just finished last week
2/7 David Donoho (Stanford Prof. of Statistics): 50 years of Data Science
2/5 UMD Data Challenge
2/5 Data Science Day
1/31 Data Skeptic: Podcast and more